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Veteran Services N.I. Charity Information site, Newtownards, aim is to signpost both Serving and retired members of the Armed Forces and emergency services with practical help and advice with regards to Post Trauma Stress Disorder, (PTSD), War Pensions, benefits, housing, Medals, Funerals, and much more. It is Northern Ireland based, but is open to all Servicemen and women North and South. Please FOLLOW THIS LINK

All the information required for veterans in the UK is freely available on the internet. Knowing where to look is the question most veterans would ask?

The sole aim of this site is to bring together all those links on one website. Please use the knowledge and experience gathered by professionals to your advantage. Like any brand, only go to those supported by the M.O.D. and other veteran agencies. Take their advice, not mine!

If you have any good quality reliable links please go to the FORUM and add them there, I will then gladly after inspection add them to the site.

There is No membership required, we do not intend to claim funding, "Service Not Self" is our watchword.

The Royal British Legion has a Helpline dedicated to veterans in the UK.

Royal British Legion Helpline 0808 802 8080

A representative from Northern Ireland will contact you for advice if required, and remember they have direct access into the MOD.

The Royal British Legion Belfast has opened a 'popin' centre which will offer support, for serving personnel, regular and reserve, veterans and their families. This is open Mon - Fri from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm and will offer information on issues that really matter to those in the Armed Forces Community such as finances, housing, mobility and membership.

You may feel forgotten or abandoned, this is not the case, there are genuine agencies and people out there wanting to help! Please contact the sites listed HERE

You are not alone! the feelings you have are not particular only to you!

Classic examples of the psychological legacy of OP Banner are;

Fear of interaction with people.

Ex-service Personnel still as security conscious now as when they were serving.

Some ex-service members avoid family members.

Constant reminders of service years through behaviours stil being practised.

Members had been trained to not trust while in the service but no deprogramming on return to civilian life.

Ex-members need training to relax and break the habit of work, work, work, a habit that exists as a legacy of service years and not being able to relax.

Please book mark this site, constant improvements wil be made as the information is available.
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Royal British Legion Helpline 0808 802 8080
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