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Veteran Services N.I. Charity Information site, Newtownards, aim is to signpost both Serving and retired members of the Armed Forces and emergency services with practical help and advice with regards to Post Trauma Stress Disorder, (PTSD), War Pensions, benefits, housing, Medals, Funerals, and much more. It is Northern Ireland based, but is open to all Servicemen and women North and South. Please FOLLOW THIS LINK

In 2005 the Conflict Trauma Resource centre published the 'Legacy of War'

Legacy of War, Produced by Conflict Trauma Resource centre, (CTRC) 2005

Experiences of members of The Ulster Defence Regiment. It followed the studies of Ronald Scott Mackinnon, MC., FCRPsych. Military Psychologist in Northern Ireland 1987 - 1994.

The article listed what then was noted as the Psychological Legacy:

Fear of Intergration with people.
Ex-service personnel still as security conscious now as when they were serving
Some ex-service members avoid family members
Constant reminders of service years through behavious still being practised
Members had been trained to not trust whie in the service but NO DEPROGRAMMING on return to civilian life.
Ex-members need training to relax and break habit of work, work, work, a habit that exists as a legacy of service years and not being able to relax.

This could be classed as Adjustment disorder as defined in the DSM - IV - TR.

The M.O.D regonises this condition, please click on this link to read the Synopsis of Causation, produced Sept 2008.

Adjustment Disorder

As such this is recognised as a factor when making a claim for a War pension.

You might also like to download and read a very helpful leaflet produced by an organisation called STEPS: Steps Towards Empowerment and Positive Survival

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